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Summer Whites 2016(Part 1)

  1. Jean-Paul Dubost Beaujolais Blanc 2012. Round, with mineral notes as well as apple and pear fruit on the nose. The palate is textured, showing pear, spice, white peach and almond character. Notes of honey and lemon. Low alcohol. Very special. Rare. DD89.

  2. Jean-Paul Dubost Viognier Blanc 2011. Most loved for its perfumed aromas of peach, tangerine and honeysuckle, this wine has creamy taste with hints of vanilla. DD89.

  3. Alsace Ch Klingenfus, Gewürztraminer, 2011. Lively 'long an' nose more than the lychee and petal tones. It is refreshing and put a solid edge to the palate to make it a refreshing crowd pleaser for half dry and medium wines. Mineral finish. DD90.

  4. Alsace Ch Klingenfus , Riesling, 2011. Lean and smart citrus nose with a linear structure. It is the 'choice' to complement seafood Hong Kong style. This Alsace Riesling from Northern commune of Bar is always so smart-go away and don’t come close to us- you clumsy and fat Rieslings. DD90.

  5. Alsace Ch Klingenfus , Pinot Blanc, 2011. Ripe apples, nutty and oily. Medium bodied. Easy to drink. Refreshing. DD89.

  6. Chateau Pingoy 2012, Graves. Lively nose of white peach, lemon and green apple, hinting also a bit of almond, smoke and minerality. A fine example of a contemporary Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc. Full, yet supple on the nose with pronounced fruit. In the month, it's as lively as the nose, with crunchy citrus fruits and an herbaceous edge, underpinning zippy acidity. Light bodied wine with good, high acidity, and with taste of soil. Balanced mixed of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc; simple green fruit with a ripeness and classic minerality, ideal as a good lunch or food wine, or as an uncomplicated started or aperitif. DD92.

  7. Chateau Belleuve Les Merles 2010(oak aged and fermented), Bergerac. Nose of orange flowers. Fruits of tangerines, lemons and lime Tones of lanolin. Bodied, oaky. Spicy with a strong licorice finish. Nice acidities. For the experienced and genuine white wine lovers. An interesting wine.DD90.

  8. Chateau Bellevue 2014, Bergerac. Fresh mixed great fruit with intense palate. Medium bodied. Long finish. DD89.

  9. Bichat 2008 Bordeaux white. Simple Sauvignon. Quite some fruit and minerals. Easy to drink. Light bodied.DD89.

  10. Bichat 2009 Bordeaux White. Simple sauvignon. Riper fruit, less minerals. Easy to drink. Light bodied. DD89.

  11. Chateau Cruzeau White 2008, Pesssac Leognan. Nose of white fruit. Very crisp on the palate with good minerality. Fairly elegant, with good fruit and a salty flavour. Medium bodied. DD89.

  12. Schlink Riesling 2014, Nahe Germany. Well balanced and slightly fruity semi-dry. A crisp and refreshing wine for seafood. Simple finish. Good acidities. Light bodied. DD89.

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