Sparklings, Champagnes and Burgundies, Summer 2016

These high quality wines are excellent 'quenchers'. The first 3 Cremants(one Loire, one Bourgogne, one Alsace) show great typicite. Tired of Moet and the like for the time being, the 2 Gruet Champagnes will be very special in that they are of a very different style from Cotes des Bars. Please read on. The Burgundies are humble and popular, and should be interesting.

  1. Diamant de Loire, Crémant de Loire. Very fresh, lots of bubbles, aromas of citrus, honey, apricot, hazelnut or vanilla for white. Simple palate-built what it is designed for. 100% Chardonnay from Samur, ABV 13% . An aperitif, or to close the meal.

  1. Cave de Lugny 50/50 PN-C, Crémant de Bourgogne, NV. "Are you sure this isn't champagne?’ could have been the question from you from the first sip. With a creamy mouthfeel rather than a fizzy one, this very NV like composition is made using the same Champ methods. Tasting Team’s notes go like this: tones of yeasty brioche, warm apricots, peaches and tart apples with a creamy finish. Quite intense palate from 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir. Cave de Lugny is the 3rd bigger maker for all Burgundies. Great economies of scale, so we think this Cremant is of very good value.

  1. Domaine La Ville Blancs de noir "St. Petersbourg", Crémant d'Alsace, NV. Colour is towards the amber side. Noses dry fruit flavors like apricot, hazelnut but also spices like black pepper. Fine bubble coats the palate , the wine opens on the aromatic richness of the Pinot Black dominate as vanilla aromas , dried fruit and spicy . Good finish and marked by good acidity.The vines are on marl and limestone soils on the town of Wintzenheim and Wettolsheim. Manual harvest in hand , pressing whole grapes, fermentation with temperature control , racking, raising a few months on the lees . Bottling for fermentation. So very traditional method and reminds element of Champagne. .

  1. Champagne GRUET Sélection Brut NV, Côtes des Bars. You should try this because this Champagne represent one of special Chablis taste-mineral, warmer and fruitier. We all know La Montagne de Reims is famous for Champs made from Pinot Noir, La Côte des Blancs for Chardonnay(Blanc de Blancs), La Vallée de La Marne for Pinot Meunier, and La Côte des Bars, on the other hand, is for warmer fruit. Down in the Côte des Bars it’s Kimmeridgian marl capped by Portlandian limestone. That’s exactly the same as in Chablis. One tasting member, who is a Retired Fellow of Royal Historical Society(UK), researched on why this Côte des Bars is not as famous as other Champagne areas and come to the conclusion that they are nearer to Dijon than to Reims and perhaps its not surprising that there was some resistance to the idea of the Aube being part of Champagne.