Rockford Basket Press Shiraz 2008

A living legend made the old school way, from gnarled old Barossa vines with basket pressing and open fermentation. The result is a cultural experiences as much as a tasting one - not jammy but very rich-textured and not shy of opulent ripeness. The aftertaste is silky and savoury. The perceived alcohol is not high. It’s bodied and rich without filling your stomach. This wine is made perfectly clean and elegant. We then tasted the 2007 and 2008 in a roll.

The ‘dead leave’ colour of the bottle is very ‘old school’. The bottle’s extra broad shoulders really help to stop the sediment from ending up in your glass. Really cool.

What a nice surprise, the tannins are so fine that it really does not go against the fine texture seafood we were eating last week when we taste the wine! Are we tasting Shiraz?

Rated as Exceptional - the highest level - in the Langton's classification of Australian wines. A legendary Shiraz, sourced from a network of old-vine vineyards that were saved from being grubbed up by Rockford founder Robert O.Callaghan.

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