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Moanna Park NZ- Hawke’s Bay + Kevin Sherwood - California Napa Valley + Jealous Sisters NZ-Martinbor

We tasted 3 ranges of wines. One is from MOANA PARK NZ- HAWKE’S BAY produces VEGAN WINES, so no animals are used. The other is from Kevin Sherwood - California Napa Valley. Wines are kevin Sherwood are Organic wines; they are very clean and of old school. Wines from JEALOUS SISTERS, NEW ZEALAND, MARTINBOROUGH give some broadness and intensity. All wines from the 3 wineries are intended as simple party wines and really some good food wines. Excellent value.

Viognier - 2010 - MOANA PARK - NEW ZEALAND - HAWKE’S BAY. Rated as the best producers of varietal in the world, Best Viognier 2010 world wine award.

It displays jasmine and honeysuckle, white peach and ginger. The palate is soft, medium bodied with elegant fruit and a spicy andooth finish. Some complexities because of bottle ageing.

CHARDONNAY - 2010 - MOANA PARK - NEW ZEALAND - HAWKE’S BAY. Zesty citrus and ripe stonefruit characters with subtle oak use. Some complexities and licoriced finish. Sauvignon Blanc - 2015 - MOANA PARK - NEW ZEALAND - HAWKE’S BAY . A fresh and lively Sauvignon blanc. Warm SB aromatics:passionfruit and mango with an underlying backbone of capsicum and tomato vine. Some pungencies with a zesty finish. A rich and elegant Hawke's Bay Sauvignon Blanc. Excellent value.

MERLOT MALBEC - 2010 - MOANA PARK - NEW ZEALAND - HAWKE’S BAY. Rich blend of Merlot and Malbec from one of the very best vintages New Zealand has seen. The wine displays lifted and simple notes of ripe cherries, plums, chocolate and violets. Palate is reasonable rich, ripe with soft supple tannin and shows bouquet reminiscent of blackberry, fruitcake, mulberry and cedar. Simple and not bad. 8 months maturation in French oak barriques. This wine has been handled as minimally as possible and is therefore unfiltered, with extended cellaring fine sediment may form

SYRAH RESERVE - 2009 - MOANA PARK - NEW ZEALAND - HAWKE’S BAY. This ultra premium Syrah displays lifted notes of plum, cassis clove and cinnamon. The wine has a big structure with a powerful texture and flavour.

CABERNET SHIRAZ -2009 - GRACE - NAPA REGION SIGNATURE - ORGANIC WINE-Kevin Sherwood - California Napa Valley. A classic blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine displays a rich plum, cassis and raspberry aroma. Perfect with pasta or rice dishes

MERLOT - 2009 - WHITE HOUSE - NAPA VALLEY - ORGANIC WINE-Kevin Sherwood - California Napa Valley . This White House Merlot has aromas of blackberries and cherries as well as a dash of fennel. The flavors pour out of the glass and the end is as pleasing as the beginning with integrated tannins and plenty of fruit. Food wine. Lightish; on and on.

JEALOUS SISTERS, NEW ZEALAND, MARTINBOROUGH SAUVIGNON BLANC 2014. A typical Wairarapa Sauvignon Blanc tropical nose of guava, pineapple and pomelo. There is a citrus note of lemon peel that complements the typical minerality and length of the palate. The wine is reasonably crisp and fresh.

JEALOUS SISTERS, NEW ZEALAND, MARTINBOROUGH SAUVIGNON BLANC PINOT NOIR 2013 –Bright and clear ruby with pink rim. Some complexitites. Notes of Black cherry and dark plum come forward on the palate, with a softness and suppleness of ripe tannins giving a rounded structure and lasting aftertaste. Finish is subtle spice, chocolate, earth. Savoury.

Well, they are clean and good.


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