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Chateau Talbot 2005, Second Wine

Seigneur de Talbot is exactly the same wine as the usual second wine of the famed Chateau Talbot (Connetable). This special label, Seigneur de Talbot, is made especially for the Asian market, surely to increase sales, lessen conflict in territory representation rights, etc. This kind of arrangement has been common in the Bordeaux trade for reconciling international markets, especially for the China market. We were told this wine has never left Bordeaux. These are reserve stocks that have remained at Chateau Talbot since production.

The Seigneur de Talbot label is extremely rare, and it is even more special to find a large parcel of the 2005 vintage available, regarded as one of the very finest vintages in living memory in Bordeaux.

Created in the 1970s, the second wine of Talbot receives the same vinification treatment as the Grand Vin of Chateau Talbot, though with a shorter maturation period involving less new oak. Largely made with the younger vines on the estate, its structure is less marked and it can be enjoyed earlier. Karen McNeil comments that this 2005 second wine is ‘tanky and commercial’. Yes we understand and agree to some extent, and we find the length drop fast too. However, this 2005 wine is very friendly and drinkable and it is still fresh. A typical St-Julien with fine tannins. It noses black cherries and currant, minty and meaty. This 2005 second wine from Talbot needs time to open up. Some 30 minutes to 1 hour decanting is recommended.

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