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Kaesler Bogan Shiraz 2012, Barossa Valley

Kaesler Bogan 2012 is dark and almost black in the glass. Dense, concentrated, brooding, this wine is filled with interchanging dark and blue fruit, peppery spice and a bit of that classic Barossa licorice. Fine palate in the first instance……...

Now fasten your seat-belt. Kaesler Bogan 2012 is really a low-slung, sleek Porsche with masses of grunt, plenty of horsepower and an ability to go the distance and then come back for more and leaves 'em standing at the lights!

Its sibling Kaesler Old Bastard Shiraz is listed ‘Outstanding’ in Langton’s classification. However, Bogan stands up to the Kaesler name and is no less.

Technicals are as follows.

  1. 100% Shiraz;

  2. Soil is Schist rock over blue grey clay and deep compacted broken down schist with red sandstone pebbles on the surface along creek line (Marananga) / Loam over clay (Nuriootpa)

  3. Vine Age over 100 years old. 2 vineyards – planted in 1899 (Marananga) / 1965 (Nuriootpa)

  4. Vinification: hand harvested (quite early); 9 days on skins, pressed then put to barrel

  5. Maturation: Matured in 90% French oak (25% new and the remainder 2 & 3 years old) and 10% American oak (2 years old); racked twice over the next 12 month with regular topping.

  6. Filtration: no!

  7. ABV: 14%(looks like 15% on viscosity, 13.5% on palate!)

  8. Drinking window: 20 years may be!

Experts say that these two Shiraz vineyards from which this wine is sourced complement each other well – The Marananga block provides intense, old vine produce with particular “blue fruit” offerings. The Nuriootpa block provides more “black fruits.” These two blocks have built this wines strong reputation and style. Vintage score(Barossa) is 9 out of 10. It is awarded JH97.


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