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Some aged wines we tasted last Sunday.

We tasted some age wines last Sunday fromDomaine JP Dubost.

Domaine JP Dubost situates at the heart of Beaujolais, to 10km south of Macon. The wineries are on granite floors with large crystals, yellow sandstone and sand. All reds use gamay grape. Only natural yeast are used for the fermentation of all of the wines and are made with an extremely minimalist approach. The reds wines are matured for about 10 months in 500 L casks, then bottled without fining, filtration, chapitalization, or acidification. These wines are best appreciated with some airing. Some 15 day whole grape carbonic maceration in concrete and steel tanks with twice daily pump over of ten minutes are regular. Fermentation based on completion of malolactic fermentation at 20 degrees, final racking after malo.

The Brouilly are fermented in concrete, stabilized with SO2 and passed through a light filtration. Coming from 75 year old vines, this Brouilly 2012 vintage has a bit age behind. Aromas of iris, roses, herbs and ripe fruit are by now faintly lurking at the background. Spicy palate. Medium length.

With quite some tertiary tones, the Moulin a vent 2011 has more structure and power and wood ageing. Average age of vines is 60 years Average output is smaller than AOC standard; i.e. 40 hl/ha (52 permitted), yield for Moulin A Vent 2011 is only 36 hl VINIFICATION: Harvest using hand-picked; total carbonic maceration.

Domaine Dubois Bernard is a tiny domaine of 7 hectares that is based in the village of Chorey-Les Beaune. The current owner and winemaker, Jacques Dubois, is the 5th generation of his family to make wine in this small village. Jacques continues his family’s tradition of making terroir-pure wines from their small parcels around Chorey and Savigny. The domaine farms their high altitude parcels with extreme care, focusing on small yields and sustainable practices. Once in the cellar, extraction is kept to an absolute minimum, only indigenous yeasts are used, and the wines are aged and fermented in barrel.

The Domaine Dubois Bernard Aloxe Corton 1999 noses dry roses/grass, dry plums and cherries. There are meaty tones. The palate is intense with a spicy, tar and mineral finish. Melted tannins. One rare, old Burgundy. Vinification and ageing is traditional.

The Domaine Dubois Bernard Viognier 2011 was good enough. Still fruity with flowers, stone fruits(peach and tangerines), it gives a ripe and spicy finish.

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