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Chateau Meyre 2006, Haut Medoc

Clear medium ruby. On the nose, the tones of dry flowers, wild red berries and mushroom. Lightish and reminiscent of Margaux elements on the palate, it is well structured(soft tannins, good acidities, textured) with a fruity and smokey finish.

Elegant and with certain rigidity on the taste, this wine feels 'stoical' in the sense that it does not gives give us particular joy or grief, and leads us to an 'active participation' with the wine as we drink on and on over the 2 hours of tasting. Never stomach-filling; always fruity.

As veteran merchants, we thought Chateau Meyre always gives stable quality. Her other 'sibling' Cru Bougeois vineyards are of good standing, for example, Cap Leon Veyrin(in Moulis, a superb CB), as well as Chateau Julien and chateau Bibian, both from Haut Medoc. The Chateau marketing team is passively aggressive; they work elegantly.

Possessing 17 hectares around Avensan, a few kilometres away from Médoc’s classified Grands Crus, Chateau Meyre extended through the acquisition of two hectares in the town of Soussans, in the prestigious Margaux appellation. Hence the stylistic resemblance. Soil type, limestone subsoil with some touches of clay, sandy soil, rich in organic matter and well drained and of limestone, hence the minerality.

Blessed that RP et al. did not award goods scores on the wine and that is good. We can still have those nice prices. Nonetheless, Chateau Meyre 2006's other awards are as significant, including Decanter World Wine Awards 2006 Bronze, Mundus Vin Best Quality Wine 2006 and Decanter 3-star, 2006

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