2017, Wine Futures, Chateau de Rayne Vigneau

Light gold colour. Rich nose of orange flowers (dash of 2% Muscadelle), orange candies, apricots, honeyed pineapple and other tropical fruit tones. The opulent palate reflects the nose with fatness(74% Semillon; vinified in 50% new oak and nurtured in 50% new oak for 18 months), concentration, ripeness and strong botrytis character(river microclimate). Linear acidities(24% Sauvignon Blanc; North of Yquem, high points, Bommes). Vines average close to 30 years of age. One special Sauternes. As good as 2016. Superb.

Chateau de Rayne Vigneau is a large, 83.7 hectare Sauternes vineyard, so there is some economy of scale. Also, it is managed by Cordier and Mestrezat who also owns 5th Growth grand Puy Ducasse and some other CBS(Meyney, Blaignan, Tour de Mon?). According to our merchant taster, the price is on the whole stable. Scores are high, and comments are consistent.

The terroir is sand, clay and gravel soils. They make a third wine with a name that is almost the same (Sauternes de Rayne Vigneau). Beware.


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