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2017, Wine Futures, Chateau Rabaud Promis

The promises of Rabaud-Promis, whose name sums up the spirit. Tight, stone and tropical fruit within a rigid citrus frame, despite majority Semillon (classic composition, with a bit of Sauvignon Blanc and dash of Muscadelle). Botrytis character with peppery tones/ fruit spices/toast tones. On the palate, packed fruit with its spices. Lifted acidity. Indeed, this second wine will improve the intermediate term. A special Barsac steered not overloaded with sugars so as not to saturate our taste buds.

Based on reasoned viticulture which favours the biodiversity and the mechanical work of the soil, Sustainable viticulture practised as they like to remember. Mixed wood and stainless steel vinification and precise parcels for wines

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