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Jim Barry The Armagh Shiraz 2012

Blog as if the whole world is reading. I do, but this morning on Jim Barry The Armagh Shiraz 2012, I have a problem. First, I succumb to the bit of too much reverence for it mysteriously. Second, I just tasted too few bottles from The Armagh Shiraz throughout my 20 years as a taster-drinker-writer. 

A beautiful shiraz from Eden with mere 13.7 % ABV plus an unlimitlessness to real power and fruit sweetness in perfect ripeness give the awesomely good surprise. The warmth, the generosity, the oak, tannins builds a massively chunky fruit wall on my palate. This big from Eden? After 6 years, this bottle is not towards meaty and beefy yet and not at all, but underneath layers of flavour, oak sweetness, tannins real are the is those soft, bold, mysterious and rightly tightly packed fruit. 2012 is now going back to more ‘classic’ ripeness now with elegance, compared to the Jim Barry The Armagh Shiraz from 2000 to 2009 of superlative concentration. 

One Vivino writes, 'dark cherry, cocoa, spice...(sic) overpriced. Not anymore for 2012. 

An Australian icon, handcrafted by the Jim Barry family from Shiraz grown to one of the nation's high vineyards. The Armagh demands a long sleep in the cellar to evolve and express the endowments of superlative fruit and delicate tannins. Gluten Free.

One word on serving. Double decant. Pour three fingers down and leave it in the bottle for 3 hours at least or even more. 

Scores are super high. RP98+ for example. 

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