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Henri Gouges Les Saint Georges 1er Cru Vertical Tasting 1988 to 2010

Ever since I tasted a bottle of relatively simple but extremely lovely Henri Gouges Nuits St. Georges 2000 in the karaoke room of my restaurant in the year 2010, Henri Gouges wines have become immemorable to me. They are relatively easier wines with no less complexity. Having tasted the best and probably most famous such as Les Saint George Vineyard from Henri Gouges certainly does not mean tasting and knowing the whole of Henri Gouges.  My experience tells that there are lots about his other wines and their vintages from Les Chaignots, Chene Carteau, Les Pruliers,  Clos des Porrets-st- Georges and  Les Vaucrains. 

On the whole, this Henri Gouges Les Saint Georges 1er Cru vertical tasting from 1988 to 2010 is calm and being kept on. Not many surprises, but it is good enough. 

The first wine is rich and powerful, lacking a bit of taming. Of course, it is a good NSG pointing to the dearth of ageing. It is 2010. The second bottle is of great fruit, bright palate and structure with its lifted acidities. It is 2009. The 3rd bottle is with elegant PN fruit, as well as relatively lower acidities. Slim with less structure. It is 2006. The 4th bottle gives concentrated fruit and is very structured. It is 2005. The 5th bottle is not of great balance and with uneven dynamics. The palate is rigid. Surprisingly, it is 2004. The 6th bottle is balanced and gives excellent tastes regarding length and intensity. It is 2002. The 7th bottle gives pure fruity. As fruity on the palate, it is slightly uneven on the fruit-secondary-tertiary profile and is somewhat diluted. It is 1999. The 8th bottle is not as balanced as I would Like it to be on my tasting paradigm. It is 1997. The 9th bottle is relatively austere and lean. With fading fruit, the palate is still balance. IT is 1993. The last bottle is not giving and has not been generous on the palate. It is 1988.

Dinner wines are Magnums of the very rare and still fruited La Perrier 1993 white, the less structured but ripe Les Prulier 2005, and the famous and intense Clos des Porrets Monopole 2010 with some depth. 

Henri Gourges is one of the most highly sought after Nuits-Saint- Georges wine. Considered as worthy to complete at a high cru level, this tasting here expresses complex, relatviely rich red wine with for the class with bright red fruit characters and abundant spice. 

An adequate tasting. 

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