Domaine JP Dubost Brouilly 2012

It takes some time to appreciate this highly regarded Burgundy Beaujolais Cru Brouilly, the speciality from Domaine JB Dubost. While not all consumers will enjoy this wine to the same extent, we do as well as the tasters of BBR London do in that it is involved for the standard and is earthy(dead leaves, tree bark, slight barnyard), along with its concentrated dry red and dark fruit. While the colour is still bright and youthful, it is ripe and dry red-fruited, with gipping rounded tannins and concentration from low yielding 80-year-old Gamay vines. We would say this not inconsiderable tannins reflect both Dubost's devotion to Gamay and also to quality.

2012 is a challenging year(cold winter, then hail, followed by outbreaks mildew and oidium) with 50% down in production. Many tasters believe that careful makers can produce excellent wines.

Planted on a combination of mineral rich granite and schist soils, which influence the wine complexity. More a food wine for continental food.

No score is accorded. This could well be an undervalued wine.

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