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Chateau de Pressac 2008, St Emilion Grand Cru

深紅寶石。這款成熟多汁的葡萄酒配有黑醋栗,李子,櫻桃和礦物質。相當一些單寧和繃緊酸。木頭味道以苦巧克力的形式出現。我們品嚐的最古老的Pressac是1964年的葡萄酒,仍然很好。比大多數具有乾燥的堅實身體的Saint Emilions更複雜。

Deep ruby. This ripe and juicy wine is packed with a black currant, plum, cherries, with a mineral finish. Quite some tannins and taut acids. Wood ageing shows in the form of a bitter chocolate. The oldest Pressac we tasting is a 1964 vintage and is still doing fine.  More complexity than most Saint Emilions with a solid body with a dryness. This wine is almost nostalgic for us, in the autumn days many years ago, when we first learned how to taste with a will.

(The Chinese version adapts from the tasting notes in English; copyright reserve.)

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