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Dominique Frey Riesling Grand Cru Frankstein 2012

這款幹白葡萄酒位於Dambach-la-Ville(Bas-Rhin)的Frankstein Grand Cru風土的花崗岩土壤上,非常芳香。它具有復雜的松節油氣味,完全成熟的水果味,背後有充足的酸度來平衡。開發出優雅,複雜的新鮮果園水果,精緻的新鮮菠蘿,橙花,柑橘和蜂蜜,由精細的礦物質板岩骨架支撐。清爽的酸度,平衡的殘留糖和微妙的豐富度。它具有很多“水晶”的感覺,帶來令人愉悅的純淨,悠長的味道。

On the granite soils of the Frankstein Grand Cru terroir in Dambach-la-Ville (Bas-Rhin), this dry white wine is very aromatic and noses classically 'kerosenic' and 'turpentine'. Fully ripe fruit palate backed by ample acidity to balance the development of an elegant, complex bouquet of orchard fruit, delicate fresh pineapple, orange blossom, citrus and honey, which are supported by a fine, mineral, slate backbone. Refreshing acidity, balanced with a restrained pinch of residual sugar and subtle richness. It finishes with a lot of 'crystal' leading to a delightfully pure, long finish. It is a great autumn wine because it combines freshness and intensity.  

(The Chinese version adapts from the tasting notes in English; copyright reserved.) 

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