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Dominique Frey Riesling Granit 2013

破碎的茴香籽起到了檸檬味的氣味。口感迸發出清新檸檬的新鮮感和神韻。纖細,但卻充滿了濃郁的柑橘味。完全清爽,乾爽。 12%。高品質的野餐白葡萄酒。

A touch of crushed fennel seed plays about the lemon-zest nose. The palate bursts open with bright lemon freshness and vigour. Although the body is slender, it brims with zesty citrus. Refreshing, it leads a dry finish. ABV 12%. It is a good white wine for the autumn because the acidity eases our palate in these drier days to come. 

(The Chinese version adapts from the tasting notes in English; copyright reserved.) 

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