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Riesling Magdalena 2014 vs. Riesling HJW 2015

Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard Riesling Magdalena 2014 is to show the luscious fruit where its Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard Riesling HJW 2015 is on Mosel stylistics of balance concerning Riesling juiciness, freshness and minerality.

The Magdalena vineyard is younger(1999 planted versus HJW in1976) on a relatively lower altitude and warmer site with more varied soils like loam and limestone where HJW is gravelly and cooler location slightly more distant from Lake Seneca. If Magdalena gives more classic Riesling fruit profile such as stone fruit, citrus fruit and other 'fatter' fruit, HJW is capable of providing tones of an even wider spectrum(flower blossom, albeit with more minerality and austereness).

Magdalena 2014 is more abundant and more prominent in the palate, particularly so when HJM is 2015 tastes leaner and saltier for the mineral effect. Most critics will say HJM 2015 is more elegant in that sense. The fact that Magdalena 2014 is one year older points to the development of its the Riesling character. Alcohol level for Magdalena 2014 is 12% versus 12.5% for HJW.

Both vineyards graft Mosel Rieslings onto American woodstock. Both cold-fermented for seven months. There is whole-bunch fermentation. The are no barrel ageing, no filtering and fining.

On the whole, most critics will say Magdalena has a shorter life like 15 years from now whereas HJW has 20 to 30 years like the rest of our lifetime. They are both adequate for nice drinking over time! After all how many lives do have?

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