Re-tasting Henry's Drive Estate Shiraz 2003.

Parker et al. tasting of the 2003 Shiraz is a full-bodied, opulently-styled red that smells of crème de cassis and blackberry liqueur intermixed with smoky meats, espresso roast, jammy black fruits, liquorice, earth, and toasty new oak' is a bit dated.  An RP94, this wine by now reflects the soil much more than the grape varietal Shiraz and has become a textural wine layered with dry, prune fruits, hay, leather, liquorice, earthy spice, and a bouquet of eucalyptus and mint. There is indeed no shortage of flavour (soil is loam over limestone) though, and if you like your wines exuberant and over-sized, this wine fills the tab.  

The French-palate and condescending elitists may not like this wine.  Structure integrity may have seen to lose, and there may be a  tannic alcohol bite to some, though it is still very concentrated with dry black fruits.

Aged 13 years, this rare, handcrafted Aussie Shiraz, being a fascinating effort the likes of which made nowhere else in the world by now, is trying to get by these days. Still a big wine with 16% ABV (warm microclimates North of Coonawarra and Southeast of McLaren)!!!  Stand it one night before consumption. This wine throws a dose of sediment, so you may want to decant or filter and let it breathe and stick it back in the bottle so you can drink along the evening.

The winemaker Kim Jackson also makes the mighty Shirvingston Team tasted six months ago. She likes to express terroir. The latest 2015 New Zealand International Wine Show, her wines from this winery fetches 4 Gold Medals. 


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