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Shirvington Shiraz 2005, 2006 and 2007, McLaren Vale

Awarded RP93, the Amaronic 2005 starts with deep, dark aromas of chocolate, liquorice, cola and plum, then offers flavours of dates, chocolate, vanilla and other tertiary tones. It has a more prominent nose than 2006 ad 2007, which, the other hand, displays intense secondary nose of cigar box, lavender, cocoa, black cherrys. All wines soften after some minutes in glass.

All wines were 100% barrel fermented. Hence the palates, especially the upper palate, is creamy. Aside from that, it has plenty of savoury fruit, the right balance, and a lengthy finish. Both require additional cellaring and should be in full bloom. Parker et al. states 2016 as the window, but we think while it may not develop, it will not deteriorate if stored well.

Shirvington Shiraz spent in 65% new oak and 35% one-year-old oak. 80% of the oak was American, and 20% was French. 2005, 2006 and 2007 on palate displays of cigar box, lavender, cocoa, black cherry, and blueberry, coconut. Oak ageing using 90% American oak and 10% French, 2005 is riper is probably right for now, 2006 more structured Shiraz to savour over the next few years, 2007 fresher.

All fresh enough to start and almost porty to finish, theses wines lead to a full-bodied, dense, structured Shiraz which comes off as just a bit sinewy. Both are relatively simple wines to taste though. All vintages have the right sort of Mclaren Vale elegance which set it apart to the two Barossa Valley Shirazes.

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