Colonial Estate Etranger Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

Deep ruby with a tight rim, Colonial Estate Etranger Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 contains 12% Shiraz hence there is some peppery spice with a supple-texture added to the cabernet depth and breadth and its light tannin blanket. The finish, this flavorful Cabernet is still youthful enough to taste with tones of cedar, spice box, tobacco, tar, espresso, black currant, and blackberry.

This bottle is old world influenced from 2005 of a ripe and excellent vintage. The name 'Etranger' set a French tone to it. Bordeaux winemaking practices and French oak barrels are used, this wine is made by the team of Jonathan Maltus, who is the first Englishman in Bordeaux to win a perfect score from Robert Parker for his 2010 Château Le Dôme. The hallmark of his work is producing win high complexity and longevity - a point proved by the recent hike in scores for his older 2005 vintage of the same, recently re-tested and awarded 98 points. Also, his other wine, Château Teyssier, is famous for wine persons.

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