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NAL Volnay 2004, Burgundy

A bright, light garnet, this is a basic Volnay with a floral bouquet(rose, violets). Delicate with an immediate appeal, giving a tight plummy pruney rose. On the palate, this finesse contrasts with lots of sappy, muscular and chunky manifestations. It truly does stand out among the red wines of the Côte de Beaune like the lipstick imprint of a kiss, but with earth spices, game and cooked prune recalling elements of aged Sentaneys. Strange, but is still good enough. The attack is still fresh and seems to bite with a minerality and tannic texture. With a medium finish and ABV 13%, the fruit is not as abundant as I want it to be-best pour up and open in glass to appreciate as it involves in the glass. The cork is aged; need to Ah-So wine type of pump type of wine-openers. DD90.

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