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Markus Molitor Haus Klosterberg Riesling 2014

Classis Riesling colours. Riesling Haus Klosterberg (Gold Capsule, not Green, being naturally fruity) is one round and fruity(citrus, yellow apple, lemons) Riesling with the Mosel lightness, elegance and salty piquancy in the refreshing finish. Really minerals taste very evident, with a juicy and very stimulating sweetish end. The use of a gold cap for the Molitor Riesling like this one based not on any quality evaluation as might be the case with other Mosel wineries who offer gold cap, long gold cap or extra-long gold cap wines. 2014 is also a good vintage.

Quite a featured winemaker with HKWS, Markus Molitor took over his father's Estate at 20 years of age. Although having been young, Markus had a clear vision of winemaking. Every vintage and vineyard should show its characteristics; hence this 2014 is differerent to 2015 and 2016 currently selling in this market. His wines illustrate depth and structure with the typical uniqueness of the Mosel terroir. The winery is based at the centre of the Wehlener Klosterberg site and cultivates vineyards in 15 different sites, each of which is unique in its way – and only a "Molitor terroir" for this reason; hence there is some complexity and because of bottle age, there is some tertiary development too.

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