Hacienda Araucano Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Araucano 1997

Hacienda Araucano Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Araucano 1997 is a rare wine; it is with 22 years behind. It is still powerful and concentrated: Cherry jam, black currant, spices, hints of vanilla, long, high acids and quite aggressive tannins, pair with beef to smoothen up the tannins. Very Long; full-bodied.

Small wonder it is considered by our teacher Christopher Felden as the Premier Cru of Chile. I suspect also this is the first vintage.

FRANCOIS LURTON says “If I were a vine, I would want to grow in CHILE”.It looks like FRANCOIS LURTON knows how to plant vines in Chile. Chile is a ‘Paradise’ for grapes. It has been 15 years (1997)since Francois Lurton has marketed his wines in Chile under the ARAUCANO Brand. Francois Lurtons Vineyards located in the picturesque COLCHAQUA VALLEY. It is one of the most beautiful wine-growing regions in the world. The Valley, near the town of LOLOL, is located in-between two mountain ranges that provide ideal weather conditions for grape maturity. Francois has consistently won several awards for the wines that grow on this 500-acre plot.

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