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Chateau Gaston-Rena 2014, Haut Medoc CB

Deep red colour with no trace of maturity, it shines with brightness and clarity.  Looks weighty and dense- a bit extracted-it is big on the nose. Opens crisp, woody, spicy and fruity aromas, opening up a full nose of blackcurrants. The wood scent marked throughout the lunch doesn't dominate the fruit. On the palate, there is a soft and round attack, fat and round mid-palate, slightly tannic from the majority Cabernet Sauvignon which gives personality in the mouth. Medium finish, which is adequate for the class. Taste ideal with beef tar-tar. 

Offering a classic Left Bank with a bigger-than-average, cassis nose, this rare Artisan Cru wine is on the commune of CISSAC adjacent to Pauillac and partly on the plateau of VERTHEUIL contiguous with Saint-Estèphe. It recalls the element of these two communes through the finish is always Haut Medoc like and is mineral. Excellent value; a la classic style of vintage 2014.Great label! DD90. 


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