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Chateau St Pierre 2013 revisited.

This exquisite wine showcases a deep, captivating ruby colour complemented by a tight garnet rim, indicating its youthful state. As the discerning BBR tasters aptly described, it is a classic St Julien crafted to endure the test of time owing to its massive structure and remarkable potential.

Initially, the scent may seem too woody. Still, it blends seamlessly with the dark fruit notes emanating from the 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, which lends the wine its firm, curranty aroma and the crisp, fresh acidity that tantalizes the palate. As you savour the wine further, the black, jammy fruits become increasingly prominent, exuding fruit sweetness and intensity. The intense blackberries envelop the palate, providing a focused and concentrated experience, culminating in a generous yet perfectly balanced wine with ample power for its class and vintage. The core of the wine is dense, and its finish is persistent, adding to its overall elegance.

Despite being a St Julien with a potent body, tannins, and texture, this chateau is of remarkable value for its structure, especially for the 2013 vintage. The previous five vintages have propelled this wine to the forefront of its appellation, making it no longer the hidden gem of St Julien. While some international tasters have lauded this wine with high scores in the 90-89 point range, we rank it at DD91. JS recently upgraded its rating to 91, further validating its impeccable quality.

The uniqueness of this wine lies in its affordability, making it a viable option for daily consumers. It embodies the finest Left-Bank characteristics, making it a delightful choice for wine lovers of all levels. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or a casual drinker, this exquisite wine will captivate you with its intricate flavours, impeccable balance, and remarkable depth.


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