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Coufran 2006

Deep ruby; medium rim. Fresh red fruit with some complexities. Elegantly woody- soft and clean with round and smooth nose. Traditional ageing in oak barrels, this wine has a classic, rich suppleness and develops a hint of ripe, darker fruit. Soft, elegantly chalky; almost can't feel the alcohol. Recently promoted to Cru Bourgeois Supérieur status in the 2003 revision of the 1932 classification, Château Coufran has positioned itself among the leading crus bourgeois of the Haut-Médoc. It was still going on fine.

It seems to be an Ex-château sold directly from the winery after being bottled and stored in its cellar. They have never left the production site before the purchase, and often, they are perfectly aged and ready to drink when offered ex-château, meaning their storage should be perfect.

Frequently described as Médoc Pomerol, Château Coufran's special character is due to its geographical location and the choice of grape variety, which might initially seem unusual. Consisting almost entirely of Merlot(the other 10%), the vines cover hilltops that look down over the Gironde estuary. Merlot's tendency to ripen early works wonderfully on this dry gravel/sandy terroir, which is particularly well-oriented.


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