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DR LOOSEN "RED SLATE" Riesling 2016

Tasters compare this Dr Loosen's "Red Slate" Riesling as a dry version to the to the classically fruity "Blue Slate" Kabinett. Red Slate produces from the fruit of estate-owned vineyards in the red slate soils in the steep slopes in the villages of Erden and Ürzig. Indeed 'Red' points to the colour of the earth; "slate" retains soil moisture and produces wines with ‘saltiness‘and palate tension. The vineyards on higher grounds and explicitly farmed for producing dry wine, it ferments with native yeasts in big 3,000-liter, neutral, used oak casks.

Fruity, balanced and lightish on nose and palate, this 2016 Red Slate Riesling Dry has an intense minerality that is warm and enveloping. COnsistent taste with floral tones, spice, citrus blossom aroma and a harmonious palate.The minerality and acidity softened by the cask ageing by now; texture added to the wine with a tiny amount of oxygenation pumped in; fermented out at 12.5% hence the dryness and body; some complexity with several years bottle-ageing though it remains simple through out the tasting.

The dry style and strong mid-palate seem ideal for classic continental cuisine. Dry style has been in vogue in these years and it so happens that we prefer this style better than the fruity style of Blue Slate too. The score is reasonable at the 90-point level.


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