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Moët(pronounced mo-wet) & Chandon's Brut Imperial gives some an emotional security. It is a bottle most would want to can rely on. This may sound silly, but this is a wine-like Champagne, with red berry flavors from a majority of Pinot Noir, and a fruity core of roasted gold apples. Some 9 out of 10 connoisseurs would say that a classic  or 'generic' toasted brioche and 'cereal', pear, and lime zest flavor, and as a whole, this wine is richer, and has a bit more heft than some. We cannot say it is good, but we confidently can say it is not bad and definitely not that bad. Definitely a safe, powerhouse champagne, a favourite of QE II, and might be, a boring choice? But-everybody knows Moët!


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