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Super Tuscan La Massa 2016

In our view, 2016 is so far the best since 2012. Only 2015 is close to the quality, from hindsight. While 2015 showcased the resulting ripeness and weightiness of the vintage, 2016 has a more classic frame that highlights the Sangiovese that deftly integrates with Cabernet and Merlot in a medium-to-full-bodied blend with a touch more acidity and liveliness. The Merlot (25%) compensates better ripeness and body or fatness, Cabernet (10%) supports the density and structure to Sangiovese's bright and aromatic personality.

If decanted nicely, for now, this wine has lovely fruit flavours of plums and black currants. It becomes focused, layered and shows lots of complex herbs, wild brush, leather and rosemary but behind that is a core of umami like soy, mushroom and salty finish. It is framed by excellent acidity, making it very well balanced — long, unique Super Tuscan structure.

From Panzano, the Gold Basin of Chianti;Super Tuscan stylistics; price for 'the mass'. What more?


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