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Tasting some IGTs

A casual, blinding tasting was hosted the week before. The wines were of high value.

  1. Ad Astra IGT 2010, Maremma

  2. Ad Astra IGT 2011, Maremma

  3. Nectar Dei IGT 2007, Maremma

  4. Nectar Dei IGT 2008, Maremma

  5. Grattamacco 1996, Bolgheri Superiore

  6. Grattamacco1998, Bolgheri Superiore

  7. Grattamacco 2000, Bolgheri Superiore

  8. Grattamacco 2004, Bolgheri Superiore

  9. Messiio 2004, Fertuna, Toscana

  10. Le Difese 2011, Tenuta San Guido, Toscana

  11. Villa Donoratico 2009, Bolgheri Rosso

  12. Argentiera 2009, Bolgheri Superiore

The 2 Astras were extremely palatable. Clean and elegant, they could probably weather any challenge from any lesser crus from Left Bank. The 2 Nectar Dei IGT Maremma were classically Bordeaux as well: fragrant nose, tight and augular. Rich and fragrant, they were full bodied and gave interesting finish with Sangiovese touch. The 4 Grattamaccos were great interpretatons of Cabernet+Merlot+Sangiovese blends. They were really 'the little Bordeaux' as coined by Doctor Wine! Those four vintages were big and polished enough, though I found the 1988 more suited to my palate. Messio 2004 was very Bordeaux too, albeit with too little trace of Sangiovese. Le Difese 2011 was very interesting: apricoty, plummy and was very very elegant. Villa Donoratico 2009 was lighter and less intense than I thought. Lots of surprises though. Argentiera 2009 was gave lots of changes. Very ripe. Pleasing.

The dinner started with a very herbie and classical Occhio a Vento 2011(Rocca della Macia), which contrasted well to the riper and modern Litorale Vermentino 2011 with a dash of Sauvignon Blanc. Definitely a crowd pleaser. Quite intense. The other dinner wines wer castello Terrico 2003, Guidalberto 2010(Tenuta San Guido), and Tenuta Guado Al Tasso 2006.

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