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Rediscover Canadian Wines, Canadian Master Class, Part 1

That was not a Master Class: no speakers intend or is the position to guide any tasting. Can we then rediscover anything? Probably not.The orientation has not change nor enlightened. My arguments are as follows. As whites Chardonay and Rieslings and as reds Cabenet Franc and Pinot Noir are positioned as the best of the cool climate of Canada. Yet Brand Canada has been handled with care. Terroir and vineyard individuality are placed greater emphasis to widen the base of appeal. The result is an much improved rendition of international varietals And bold interpretations of the local speicalities. The 2012 Vineland estates Winery Semi Dry Riesling Ontario drives direct and linear dryness. Here ‘Semi’ do what to I tasted. The classic touch of the quite over-cited kerosene nose gave way to the jasmine-greem-tea-rose petals-citrus-tonesl the palate drives a steel backbone of lime and tangeriny finish with pronounced buffereing effect. Crisp aciditites of The 2012 LOaughig stock Winery Pinot Gris distinguishes itself from the oily Alsatian version and the almondy Italian-Grigio. Smartly and honestly played indeee. The best rendition for me goes to 2011 Poplar Winery Viognier British Columbia. There is the Sun behind every sip. Beaming from fragrancis to ripe summer fruits, it is radiant with fresh stone fruits lasting almost like 2 hours in the glass. The 2011 Coyote’s Run Estate Winery Red Paw Vineyard Pinot Noir Ontario presents itself as a true alternative to a respectable commercial Burdundy. Everything sems to be absolutely right on nose, with vivid and bolder cherry fruit. The palate was BUrgundian in terms of minerality and leanness. Indeed the palate is not as commercial!

Schmidt recommends a “Wines of Canada” promotional campaign to get a beachhead in Europe, since no individual winery would be able to make much of an impact on its own. We need to build more recognition as a wine-making country, and he’d like to see the government help finance such a campaign.

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