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Reviewing 'A TOUCH OF SPICE' 3: the conclusion

The Conclusion

The value of the film lies in its success in interweaving universal themes of existence through the tactic discussion of spices. The beauty of the film is that it says what it has to say without being in anyone's face. Humour, sensitivity, romance and mouth-watering delicacies make up this touching yet comical coming-of-age story that will delight audiences worldwide. It is a tasty production values and accessible, colourful subject matter elevate food. It's a film about their wisdom and pride, foolishness and fidelity - both a satire and an elegy.

It traces the aristocratic root of spice, its functions[1] to shed light on the discussions around universal, thematic issues like the relationship between Man and the Universe[2], the tradition and culture of societies[3], the conflict of Turkey and Greece[4], marriage[5], gender politics and power[6], development stages of a Man[7], ups and downs of life[8] and even Freudian concepts[9]. Therefore, in teaching of the use of spice, the grand father metaphor that life needs spices of living to sparkle up when he said " hot and scorches, just like the sun - Salt... is used as needed to spice up one's life - Cinnamon... is bitter and sweet, just like a woman, and "life, like food, requires salt, too." Spice is to spice up life. Sweet and spicy flavours can be mixed in many ways, and they taste better in combination than they would alone.

The film also provides some good information on the use of spices as well. Therefore, Cinnamon, we were told, makes people turn to each other and express their emotions. Salt makes food tastier. Meatballs must have cumin, according to one group of women, but another group claimed they must contain a pinch of sugar, oregano and nutmeg. But sometimes, people could use the wrong spice to give surprises too.

On a philosophical side, A TOUCH OF SPICE seems to say that one has to understand what's the trauma and go back and reconcile with your life for or anyone who has experienced a cultural change in his or her life... and who needs to come in terms with the personal past. Also, we have to remember to put a little bit of spice in his own life to jazz up our lives. Sometime, we need to stop for a while and rethink what we are and what we have done.[10] Perhaps it is not the choice of spice that matters so much. The choice of spice may have been debated, but never the importance of being with each other around a table covered with lovingly cooked dishes.

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