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Chateau Bellegrave 2016, Medoc CB

Nice surprises. Light violet tones; deep ruby. Dry, mix blackcurrant and red compote fruit framed by toasty tones and other wood nuances. Petit, but nicely balanced. On the palate, it tells some broadness from Merlot and structure from Cabernet and Petit Verdot. Tannins are small, round and edging carefully; no palate tension but just not giving in and is doing the right thing. Medium-bodied from 13% ABV. Purely a correct Medoc for a wine this cheap, reflecting the terroir and vintage. Not showy but just lovely drinking, lively. Correct fruit length.

Just in and not to be confused with the many other Bellegraves in Bordeaux. This wine is quite substantial for such a low price. Harmonious finish. A wine for all seasons and all friendly occasions.

This bottle is from a big negoce Milhade.


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