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Chateau Marquis de Terme 1995

Excellent aromatics for the class. Ripe and fresh dark fruit with quite complex tones of herbs, liquorice and tobacco. A dense, vigorous and robust wine with body, structure and texture. Bold and generous finish with ample and tamed tannins, though it falls short of the finesse and delicacy one would expect from the Margaux Commune. Dubious about further development.

Awarded this wine with 92 Points, JM Quarin, an international commentator, the Bordeaux specialist and a personal friend, writes aptly on the wine structure, ' A very good surprise! Amazing color! It is the most bluish, blackest and youngest of all the wines of this vintage. Very nice fresh nose, fruity, floral, aromatic. He feels the blackberry. Decanted glass appears better than non-decanted. On the palate, the decanted wine wins. This vintage offers a soft touch, taste, body and evolves in the final on a tannin well wrapped, although still present. It is advisable not to hurry to appreciate it. Good powerful length.'

Definitely worth trying it out.


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