Granaio Chianti Classico DOCG Melini 2013

It has a deep ruby red, tight garnet. The first nose suppressed by leather and wood, giving a medium second nose of intense and ripen tomatoes and cherries, with elegant fragrances of vanilla and violet. The taste is decided, frank, pleasant, soft with a net aroma of jam and almond. At 13% ABV, it is sleek, focused, not heady and gives moderate drinking in a windy and boisterous Dai Pai Dong in Sheung Wan. Never tart- proper ripeness for a Chianti this old.

It got its's DOCG Chianti from an area of Granaio, where it is famous for wheat-grinding. It is a refined and respectful territory made with Sangiovese grapes and other local varieties, all cultivated in the Chianti territory. The vineyards located in the Castellina in Chianti hills located at 300-400 meters above sea level. The vines are grown with the Guyot method and the cordon spur pruning, and the soils are rich in Albanese and galestro. The profit is limited. The manual grape harvest occurs in the first decade of October, and there is a cold pre-fermentation. The fermentation lasts 15 days under temperature control. There are several pumping over. Then there is a refinement in French oak barrels to have harmony and softness.

2013 is a reasonably good vintage for Tuscany.

It is perfect with all Cha Siu, all style of Chinese pork, lasagne, Gweilo roasted meats, game, grilled meats and aged cheeses. In a Ballon wine glass at 2 0°C is perfect- just drink it leisurely.

Scores: 88 WS; 90DD.

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