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La Lagune 2007, 2010 and 2014

Why did wines from La Lagune as a 3rd Growth seem unpopular amongst wine drinkers here in Hong Kong, or is it just my wrong perception?

Yes, I am writing to defend them. I like this wine for its purity, richness, and grip. I venture this explanation. It is not the round-fruity type, even though the complexities exist. It stated attenuated because of the apparent lack of bright fruit, but it always has length. It is not the fruit profile that Hong Kong drinkers are mad about.: always smoky, vanillin, weedy tobacco. Of course, it is too structured for some and closed for their neighbours.

Accorded 93GG, 2007 seems more closed and thinner than its neighbours in this phase, suffering from the lived acidity commonly found in the 2007s. However fine-grained they are, the tannins are lots. And it still needs some time. Despite the excellent brilliance, the colour also looks 'dangerous' for the garnet-red colour. I don't have a problem with all these: the clean, fruity nose where morello cherry and black fruit intermix- the tannins are ample and soft with forward fruit. Almost ready to drink. Interesting and seductive, wild berries and chocolate, but shows great class and density. It would be great with steak dishes, not with Cantonese food. After all, wine is my food.

Awarded 95VT, this 2010 shared the character of 2007. Despite its ripe vintage, fruit is still 'elegant'-notes of flowers, red fruits, forest leaf, spice, and tobacco in the perfume. It is Soft, fresh, elegant, and refined, with various red and black fruits on the palate and vibrant, long, sweet, and refined. Just smaller than one would expect from 2010. But what could offer this sort of silliness, a small richness with that level of intensity? It reveals notes of quite a ripe blackberry, crushed strawberry and small notes of crushed cassis associated with small touches of crushed redcurrant, lily, and camphor, as well as discreet hints of chocolate/cocoa, a subtle hint of tobacco, almond and an imperceptible hint of truffle. Just gourmandize, albeit not for Eastern food, with a good definition, suavity, a certain purity, fine straightness, and suavity.

Awarded 94Falstraff, 2014 is boring to some: spicy Petit Verdot tones, ambiguous wood tones, herby, almost salty, dense on the palate, homogeneous tannin pressure, slightly alcohol-borne in the transition to the finish, juicy dissolution with a mineral base and a fine trace of acid, too delicate. The palate is still intense fruity(as 2014 should be), gourmand, racy, well structured, and offers expressed blackberry, cassis and raspberry associated with a touch of redcurrant. Who are with me? Sadly, not even from my drinking friends! Let buyers beware!


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