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Marquis de Termes 2014, 4th Growth Margaux

I seldom find followers of Marquis de Termes, and probably not for a 2014 Marquis de Terme?! Big tannins and extraction are always the hurdles to consumer popularity, and in 2014 during the primeur tasting, Decanter, Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast shared similar views.

But unless you are a bit die-hard for the Margaux type of 'elegance', you may want to give a chance to this 4th Growth Margaux for at least a trial. Why? First, it is a true Margaux from the Commune of Margaux. Alexis Lichine once commented that the cultivation of Marquis De Terme is impeccable. It is not somebody's comment; it is from Alexis Lichine. Second, the vinification is by now very modern, up to and maybe beyond some crus classes. So the wine gives clean fruit. By now, 2014 Marquis de Terme is tight and dense in colour, and so is the palate, reflecting the majority 45% Cabernet and 5% petit Verdot content. It is robust (tannic, dry and meaty) but becomes tamed after seven years; it is chocolatey and gives a lot of depth to the nose. The 15% Cabernet Franc bench-marks the Margaux fragrance. The 5% Petit Verdot gives an excellent structure throughout our one-hour tasting, giving a long finish recalling to us a taste of the land- pure and potent. Lastly, it is good and cheap. Full-bodied with 13.5% ABV, it is a good food-wine Cru that will work great with most sorts of red meats.

Marquis de Terme outperforms peers in off vintages In our experience. And in this 2014 vintage, he did it again. The balance is up to Cru standard; the price is just fantastic; score well like JS93.


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