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Some 2015 Brunello di Montalcino

2015 BDM has to reflect the terroir the weather so dry hot to do a lot of things about it. There is a relative lack of ageing potential, obviously because of a shortage of structure. Nonetheless, it presents an excellent vintage that let buyers beware- a total reliable on tasting them out based on merit and consumer choices that will have no loss of adequate complexity, expressiveness and intensity.

Castello Tricherchi 2015 BDM. Full-spectrum of number from primary(cherries, tomato) to tertiary(liquorice, lead pencil and meat tones). The palate is lightish; the fruit is too off from intense. This wine opens too early. But I will be surprised if the local customers like this bottle.

Beartesca 2015 BDM is corked, unfortunately.

Fanti 2015 BDM. Excellent rendition of 2015. Yes, it shows dark fruit uncommon for the first nose and is hotly minty. Tertiary tones well balanced by chocolate, woody and liquorice finish. The fruit is relatively simple; the finish is Intense and complicated enough. This bottle is one of the severe BDM we tasted int the afternoon. I viewed it favourably within this lot.

Fossacolle 2015 BDM. A modern BDM with the clean nose: roses, fresh fruit, olives, clean and senses

cedar. On the palate, it is easy to drink almost like a Rosso and is very friendly. The second nose returns to 2015 terroir-ripe still fresh- fruit unsuppressed. After the serious Fanti 2015, this wine relaxes the palate. I think this is the right one for both novice and connaisseur alike.

Musico 2015 BDM. 4 Square. Fruit packed yet suppressed by oak-very french. Wood species are almost visible; high abv; new world in approach and there is nothing wrong about it- just a matter of stylistics preference or non-preference—also, a great one to learn about the BDM NEw-Wave.

Armilla 2015 BDM. Deep ruby with an orange rim-a bit unusual. Rich on the palate: ripe fruit, bonbon like, sweet spice, definitely 14.5% Abv. Quite Modern. Again, a correct rendition of vintage 2015. A stylistics issue-very modern. Not my cup of tea.

Mortoccia 2015 DBM. On the whole, this lacks the structure I am looking into(too sweet, generous ABV, too few tannins, acidity not adequate). The day is hot; I surmise if drink this cooler, the wine could have performed better. Unbalanced for now.

San Giamoco 2015 BDM.Easy, Rosso style, Structured though. Very balanced wine-not intense, not complicated, not too long- an excellent effort for a dry, hot vintage. Something modern( French oak tones) with a glimpse of BDM tradition(fruit Profile and finish). Great introductory style.

Scopone 2015 BDM. Fresh like a Rosso in the sense like colour and palate. There are certain depth and length(over 10 seconds of fruit length). Tannins are tight and ample. Over time, it changes with some true colours of BDM. Full-bodied. Good.

Col di Lamo 2015 BDM. A classic BDM. Needs time. It will be okay. Very good.

Patrizia Cencioni 2015 BDM. High Abv, extracted, ripe, hot, big and dark fruit. Again, a matter of preference. Not my cup of tea.

Il Valentiano 2015 DBM. Expressive for now; but fruit may be little or too suppressed. Meaty tones, minty tones surface. Surprisingly fine tannins. A well-made wine.

The wine keeps on changing. Just choose the better BDM that is easier with no less of expressiveness for consumers. Let's not stick to those that have the classic BDM stylistics.


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