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is the historical heart of Genagricola (Montcalm's Italian mother company) and the best known and most prolonged standing of the groups' brands. It hosts the headquarters, and it is one of the largest vineyard-wineries in the east of the Veneto region.

Founded in the early '60s, Tenuta Sant'Anna was one of the first viticultural properties acquired by Genagricola and ever since the 1970's it has been stretching the limits of innovation. Equipped with the latest technology, professional competence, and know-how, the winery stole the limelight with the distinctive quality of its wines, becoming one of the most prominent protagonists of the Italian wine-making scene. Some 50 km east of Venice, the estate covers 150 hectares, 140 of which are dedicated to vine growing. It straddles the border between the province of Treviso and the Friuli region.

Tenuta Sant'Anna main strength is, of course, its Prosecco, made in the traditional Charmat method, well recognized for its elegance and pleasantness, now available in both Extra Dry and Brut versions as well as a fun 'Frizzante' screwcap bottle.

We write from Left to right from the photo.

1. Tenuta Sant Anna Prosecco Brut NV, JS 88, Falstaff 91

Lighter and fresher style. This Prosecco is the familiar style. Buy this one if you don't want surprises. Glera 100%. A brand new Prosecco, born from decades of experience of TENUTA S.ANNA. The new flavour-but the unmistakable style and elegance of the Venetian Company. Owned vineyards in Veneto. Medium blend, with clay-like tendency. Straw-yellow colour with pale green glints. Minuscule bubbles characterize exuberant foam. Fresh bouquet initially of acacia flowers which gives way to aromas redolent of white peach and rennet. It is surprisingly excellent and vigorous in the mouth, lively with a creamy perlage of fruity notes that enchant the palate exquisitely—11% Alcohol.

2. Tenuta Sant Anna Pinot Grigio Spumante NV, 90 points,

PEach, Citrus fruit profile. Slow bubbles. Fuller, big fruit style, dry finish. Don't go for it if you want bubbles. Falstaff 90. Pinot Grigio 100%. A grape variety of French origin, here in Italy this has become the most famous vine all over the world: in the north-east territories (the regions of Veneto, Friuli and Trentino Alto Adige), it has found its ideal habitat and on completion of the white wine-making process, proposes unpretentious, full-bodied wines that easily accompany a wide range of dishes. Clean, fresh, vivid and bright. Light body with Dry style. Good to serve with shellfish, salads & greens. It is serving Temperature: 6-10 °C 12.5% Alcohol.

3. Tenuta Sant Anna Moscato Spumante Dolce NV

Sweet, fruity and floral style. Slow Sparkler; sweet attach; fruity and dry finish. Bronze Medal – Decanter. 100% Moscato. This wine is an intriguing accompaniment for dessert as it goes well with fruit conserves. It should be served cool, at a temperature of around 6-8°C. Straw coloured of medium intensity, with fine creamy foam. To the nose, it emanates intense aromas with distinguishing marks of citrus and apricot. It is sweet but not cloying on the palate, with a moderate acidity that makes it fresh and invites another sip.

4.Tenuta Sant Anna Prosecco Rose NV

Floral and lighter style. This wine is elegant and what you regular get typically. Unlikely to surprise you. Spa nose. Medium-textured soil from the areas most suited to Prosecco DOC. Grapes Glera and Pinot Nero. Alcohol level 11%. Bright pale pink. Delicate floral fragrances and fresh notes of little red berries. The palate is fresh and dry, with a fruity and savoury aftertaste, light and persistent perlage.

5. Tenuta Sant Anna Prosecco Valdobbiadene NV

Drier, mineral, structured style.Gold – AWC Vienna. This wine is the best dry Sparkler on this list. TGlera 100%. Dull straw-yellow colour with tiny fine bubbles. The bouquet of this sparkling wine produces fruity aromas recalling a strong peach fragrance that re-emerges to the taste, enhanced by the density of the perlage. The smell of this sparkling wine delivers fruity aromas recalling a strong peach fragrance that re-emerges to the taste, enhanced by the thickness of the perlage—11% Alcohol. Notes from the supplier(edit by Dunn Dunn Wine Limited staff).

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