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Torre Rosazza Pinot Grigio 2020, Fruili Grave DOC

Straw-coloured with golden reflections, pointing to youthfulness. It has pronounced floral scents that become fruity, recalling the flavour of apple and ripened pear. The palate will find this wine soft with excellent acidities with excellent drinkability. Well-balanced and persistent, it is medium-bodied with slight 'oiliness'. Pretty. 13% ABV.

Whole bunch press hence the freshness. Juice separates as soon as possible from skims hence the fruitiness. Also, steel vats at controlled temperatures. Partial malolactic fermentation. Partial malolactic fermentation was carried out, and the wine remained in yeast-filled steel containers for six months. It is then bottled and left to rest for two more months.

Scores are pretty consistent, such as JS92.


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