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Wine Men of Gotham Cabernet Sauvignon 2020


expresses classic, ripe cassis. It also gives tones of black cherry/blackberry and plum fruits, with tones of cigar box and chocolate: Grainy yet tame tannins with a dry finish. Decent length, excellent structure, and is simple and easy to drink. DD88; Viino 3.3/5; not bad at all. 14.5% ABV.

We see the super-value quality, but we don’t get why at this ridiculous price! Indeed Gotham Wines is a negoce; hence they will give some price advantage as they will have some economies of scale. No reputable scores! That is, in this case, a good thing!

Wine Men of Gotham is the fully nurtured baby of Gotham. The Wine Men of Gotham is a homage to the Wise Men of Gotham, an allusion to the reputed simplicity of the villagers of Gotham, England. If tradition is to be believed, the Gothamites were not so very simple but simply wise enough to play the fool; in various ways, they merely acted silly to gain their ends. Wine Men of Gotham reflects the sincerity of the lovable fools of Gotham. Parker et al. write, “Started in 2004 by husband and wife team Bruce Clugston and Fiona White, Gotham has since been consistently forging great value wines from well-chosen vineyard sites offered at sometimes unbelievable price points for the quality.”


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