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Marquis de Calon 2012, CB

Medium ruby coloured, it is still with a tight rim—some years to go. The first nose is fresh with red fruit. Cabernet fruit 65% that of black currants dominates On the second nos. Other complexities evolved with the blending of the 15% Cabernet Franc. It was quite bodied for a Second wine which offers a different interpretation of the Calon terroir. ABV is 13.5%; hence the body is medium towards to full side. Fruit length is adequately long as a second wine. Le Marquis de Calon Ségur is distinct from the First Wine. “It benefits from a true expression of its own”, underlines Vincent Millet. “The plots are separated from the beginning.” Le Marquis de Calon Ségur provides immediate enjoyment, warmth and a velvety texture. It is carefully aged generally for 17 months in oak barrels, a third of which are new. Deliciously easy-drinking, silky and expressive, its charm comes to the fore, while at the same time bringing to our minds the elegance of the Grand Vin. Fining with egg white; hence it looks bright. Mechanical sort then handpicking. Therefore fruit is quite pure for the class. USPs: Cabernet-based wine at this price level is rare; high score like 93WE; intense and complex as a seond wine; cheap. 2012 is the year for Chateau Calon Segur because it is the year the chateau sold. The buyer is the large French Insurance Company, Suravenir Insurance. Jean-Pierre Moueix, the owner of Petrus and the massive negotiate company Duclot, took a minority stake in Chateau Calon Segur.


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